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Parliament House
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

the illiterate literates...

Max Mueller, a German Scholar, quoted as saying...

"If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India."

I am really proud to say that I belong to such a country which has been lauded by scholars & philosophers.

And I am sure that in the hearts of 1 billion people, lies the same. But, are we actually taking care of the legacy of knowledge, intellect or the power that India (Bharat), as our motherland, has provided us. Are we actually a true Indian? An Indian, who can make a die hard effort to make its country beautiful. An Indian, who, makes a concious effort to contribute towards the country's image. I don't think so.

I live in Delhi, & everytime I pass the Yamuna Bridge, I still see an Indian, an educated Indian, a rich Indian, who boastfully comes out of his car & throws a bag full of trash, in the already intoxicated Yamuna River. I have seen citizens travelling in extravagant cars, dressed in Peter England's suits, & carrying a Blackberry; on the redlights, open the doors of their AC cars, just to spurt out the expensive
Rajnighanda that they are very fond of chewing.

When I see them, there is just one word that comes to my mind; 't
he illiterate literates'. And I am not propounding that they are the only culprits but then yes, they are one of them. They are enough educated that they can understand & follow these small salutary habits.

Or lets take another example, of somebody who is driving & deemed to be aware of the traffic rules.
If he can actually stay a fore to the Zebra Crossing, when he is either driving in a posh area or when he is aware of the presence of a traffic policemen, then why can't he stay there, when he is driving in the absence of any of these. I have seen bikers (especially) jamming the road when they are waiting on the red lights, & they are not even bothered to give a way to the traffic passing from the other side.

80% of marketing executives rides on Motorcycles. ARE THEY NOT EDUCATED?

'the illiterate literates'....
"Sab Chalta Hai..." thats what anyone or all of them would say. But if I ask them, "yeh kab tak chalega?"

When we hear of a traffic accident, we yells over the increasing traffic, shouts over the government, & the list is endless, making sure that in any of such comments we are not in the sense of shadiness.

I really appreciate the work done by Delhi Traffic Police. They are keeping constant checks, speed checks, maintaining traffic etc. But I think we, like an Indian, always want somebody to take an upper hand & then correct us. We probably just cannot do it ourselves.

How many times as a father, brother or a friend, you have made an effort to check or to remind your son, your brother or your friend if he/she is actually obeying traffic rules? NEVER. I know thats the answer.

Countless tourists visit India every year. Just to see the beauty & the tradition of that renowned culture that has been presented to them to the best of its perfection. What do you think that they actually encounter?
An over-priced taxi, run-around to confirm bus & train routes, countless eyes that only stares them & from which not even one that tries to help them. It is just because we hardly care about it.

I want to mention an instance here, where in one tourist from England in Connaught Palace, Delhi asked me how he could say
"leave me alone" in Hindi. Does that actually click anywhere? That how much he would have been bothered or followed either by guides, beggars, shopkeepers or anybody who expect to make business out of him.

It is my generous request to all, who, with god's grace, have enough intelligence to understand this blog, is to make a concious effort to actually develop a civic sense, manners, knowledge in yourself & in others too which atleast not vilify the image of your own country.

It really feels good when at times you sit in a DTC bus or Metro, which is well disciplined. It just eases off the pressure. Why it cannot be everywhere? In fact we have adultered them also.

Don't make yourself fall under the category of
"the illiterate literates". Make an effort & you'll really see a difference, that we will receive the commendation again


Anonymous said...

very well said my friend, Indians do lack civic sense. And government offices are the best examples.


lalit bisht said...

rightly stated Gaurav bhai... we , Indians, can complain but will not do anything to better the current situation... in fact we will make it worse and complain again.